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At Avant Garde Jewelers our specialty is custom jewelry design. Whether you start from scratch or use your own heirloom pieces, we are here to help you every step of the way. We work with your budget to create what you want, your unique design, your one-of-a-kind custom piece of jewelry. 





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At Avant Garde Jewelers, we provide exceptional jewelry repair and refurbishing services to maintain your favorite jewelry pieces. We’re here to help you take the best possible care of your jewelry. Whether you need a simple chain repair or restoring a family heirloom, we have the skill and experience to repair and preserve your most cherished jewelry.

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Engagement Rings Guide


Engagement Rings: Trends, Common Doubts, And Lovely Details


Asking someone to be yours forever is a big step you’ll remember your whole life, and finding the ring to perfectly represent how you feel can sometimes seem like a daunting task.

There’s no need to get butterflies in your stomach, though, you’ve come to the right place! We know you want a striking ring that’s a perfect match to your partner’s preferences. So, let’s explore all the important details to help you navigate the world of engagement rings.


Engagement ring and wedding band

Are engagement rings and wedding rings the same?

No. Engagement rings traditionally feature a center stone and are offered during an engagement proposal, one of the most romantic moments of your life.
On the other hand, wedding bands can display tiny diamonds and come in sleek designs with bands that are usually wider than the shank of an engagement ring.
Couples exchange wedding bands during their wedding ceremony, and modern times have seen more and more couples shopping for them together. The quintessential part of an engagement proposal is the element of surprise.

Which engagement rings to buy?

There are many girls out there lovingly admiring these heart-warmers which represent dreams coming true, but each person is unique, and so the goal is to choose an engagement ring to connect to your sweetheart instantly.
There’s no right or wrong ring style, but here we list what makes each design unique, and you can follow your heart in the choice that will make her sigh with joy and admiration.

Solitaire engagement ring


Solitaire engagement rings are elegant, simple, and timeless, and because of that, this is one of the most popular ring styles.

Solitaire rings are designed to highlight the center stone (usually a diamond), which sits on a sleek shank in white, yellow, or rose gold as well as platinum. 
A solitaire engagement ring never fails to draw eyes and emphasize the diamond cut like no other. Solitaire rings have kept the tradition of love and engagement rings alive with beauty and simplicity. 

Three-stone engagement ring


Two smaller stones flank a larger central one in this style, resulting in a very swoon-worthy ring. The concept behind a three-stone engagement ring is that each of the stones represents your past, present, and future together, making this one of the most romantic engagement rings.
The three-stone engagement ring also offers variety in the shape of the flanking stones, which can differ from the centerpiece.
Additionally, modern couples have been looking to blend the concept of colored engagement rings with this style by adding sapphires to the side stones and a diamond to the center.

Halo engagement ring


The halo engagement ring style features a center stone surrounded by smaller, micro-paved diamonds. The design puts the halo among the favorites because the smaller diamonds give the illusion of a bigger ring.
If your partner appreciates stylish looks, halo engagement rings are well adorned and look extra charming in rose gold.
This unique and oh-so-gorgeous design has been conquering hearts non-stop with a romantic aura that’s almost vintage.

Split-shank engagement ring


Split-shank engagement rings are certain to get your partner’s attention with a divided shank that runs to the center of the ring and supports the center stone.
If the shank of a ring is a determining factor in your purchase, the split-shank style won’t disappoint. This ring takes careful design with a band cleaved in two, making room for extra sparkling diamonds and an intriguing peek of the finger.
This is a fabulous take on classic designs that gives the illusion of a larger ring, with an alluring effect produced by the four lines joining at the top.


What to consider when choosing diamonds?

Diamonds 4 Cs

Now that you know which ring style you want, it’s time to select the diamond!
Engagement rings come accompanied by a certificate detailing the diamond’s properties. But do you know what to look for? 

The four essential properties in a diamond are called the 4 Cs, which stand for carat, clarity, color, and cut. It’s essential to consider all four qualities when determining the value of a diamond.

The Carat represents the weight of a diamond, while the Clarity shows the degree of imperfections in a diamond. These imperfections can be crystals or irregularities in the structure of the diamond. The fewer spots and flaws, the more valuable a diamond is.

The Color of a diamond varies from faint yellow to colorless and indicates the degree of purity. The purer the color of the diamond, the more precious it is, since light reflection gives diamonds a shiny appearance.

Determining the best Cut for a diamond requires high standards (measuring the angles and lengths to reflect the highest amount of light).

Even if a diamond has a perfect degree of clarity and color, the diamond will be lacking in brilliance if the cut isn’t done well. Here are the most common diamond cuts:


Round diamond
Oval diamond
Emerald diamond
Radiant diamond
Cushion diamond
Pear diamond

Marquise diamond
Princess diamond
Heart diamond
Customized Engagement Rings

Customized Engagement Rings

Are you looking for something even more personalized? You can custom design your engagement ring in a few easy steps to look exactly as you envisioned it.  
Customized engagement rings make some of the most magical proposals because no other person will offer the same ring in the entire world. Besides, you can gather everything your partner likes and create something truly meaningful.
You can pick the style, the diamond shape and quality, the metal color, and any extra details such as the engraving, for example.

Learn More About Custom Design By Accessing Our Guide



Metal color

Each metal color has its own charm and peculiarity, and sometimes that makes it hard to pick one color over another.
Depending on the color of the ring chosen, the meaning of the engagement ring may be entirely different. 


Yellow gold
This luminous color adds sharp elegance and glows to any look, which doesn’t go unnoticed. Yellow gold adds an unexpected glow to casual looks, creating an edgy-yet-elegant aura that’s always fun and interesting. 

White Gold
Many white gold engagement rings are considered minimalist, but they have something to say, too. Diamonds look gorgeous on white gold rings, since this metal shade enhances diamonds’ radiance considerably.

Rose gold
Romantic and unconventional, rose gold engagement rings are favorites of modern brides! This is the most distinguishable gold shade. Your partner can make incredible combinations with a rose gold ring. Choose this metal shade if you’re looking for something gorgeous and delicate.

Engagement rings in Austin, TX.

Now you have all the information to decide on the perfect engagement ring, and if you’re in Texas deciding which engagement ring to buy, Avant Garde is your local destination in Austin!
When you shop with us, you have access to a vast selection of engagement rings to make an engagement proposal, and you won’t want to change a single detail!

We’re proud to help Austin customers begin their journey with an engagement ring that’s exactly what they wish for—all within their budget!
Visit us at 10000 Research Blvd Suite 126, Austin, Texas, or check Avant Garde’s
Instagram and Facebook pages for our latest news and stunning jewelry inspiration!

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